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About ReConStellation
100'000'000 startups open every year. 90% of them fail. The absence of comprehensive market review and growth vision is one of the prime factors of the failure.

Professional consulting can help to amplify success rate. But startups are not mature and wealthy enough to afford expensive Big Three services.

They needs cheap and efficient consulting
Key Pillars, Comprehensive Approach
ReConStellation is designed as a set of interconnected pillars oriented on the substantial improvement of the degree and quality of research to industry knowledge transfer. It is designed to optimize the way how knowledge is created and how it smoothly becomes embodied in the products of the industrial sector profitable for business and valuable for society.

  • WORLD.ReConStellation
    Is a web-platform serving as the consulting hub and a gateway between the academic and industrial worlds;
  • EVE.ReConStellation global conference
    The event where the research world provides first-hand insides into their discoveries in an intuitive and industry-adapted way and as well as startups express their consulting needs;
  • PUB.ReConStellation publication platform
    Is in an Open Access journal focused on 1-2-page long industry-adapted papers submitted by the research community and reviewed by industry experts.
Pillar 1:
Matching and Management
Web-platform, a gateway between the academic and industrial worlds and an interface for managing established collaborations
WORLD.ReConStellation is a web platform serving as a hub for collaborations, and the prime gateway from the research to industry worlds. The platform consolidates information on PhD and Postdoc Subject Matter Experts flocated across various institutions all around the world.

Laboratories, universities, and even individuals are free to connect to the platform. Information about their area of expertise, availability for consulting projects, and a list of portfolio about previously provided advices can be added to the platform. The dedicated management team will thoroughly validate all the members of the online venue. The same team will serve as the cornerstone layer connecting the research and industry domains.

WORLD.ReConStellation will also provide direct access to all issues of PUB.ReConStellation (a publication platform described below). Authors' of the corresponding papers will be accessible through the WORLD.ReConStellation interface. Representatives of the industrial community will also be able to subscribe to the service and get verified as trusted partners.
Pillar 2:
Global Conference
Job-Market-like regular onsite and online events for industry practitioners and academic researchers
ReConStellation global conference is an international event organised to facilitate the connection between academia and startup realms. The innovative concept of the event is the way how novel research know-how are conveyed and disseminated.

The dedicated committee formed by the recognised experts from both academic and industrial domains will thoughtfully scrutinise all the proposed research ideas and the presentations. Only the most appropriate and easily accessible by startup representatives ideas will be accepted.

The conference will host multiple parallel sessions representing distinct research and industry categories.
Pillar 3:
Publication Platform
OA journal focused on 1-2-page long business-adapted papers submitted by the research community
An Open Access journal dedicated to the industry and business-style research papers. The journal accepts works which explicitly name benefits for the business world independently on the level and depth of the proposed innovation.

Researchers will be invited to submit as new as well as already published works which are adapted to the format of the platform. Thus, the platform will not forbid neither restrict double publications on PUB.ReConStellation and on external resources. This will provide an additional dimension of freedom to scientists and will give a unique opportunity to attract attention of both the research and startup worlds.
ReConStellation is the first global consulting agency with PhD and Post-doc Subject Matter Experts
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